Are you scared? Did the last batch of Yakima Valley tales of terror do the trick? Did the hair raise on your arms? A cold chill down the back of your neck? Did you lose any sleep? If not, maybe this fresh batch of stories from our friends and neighbors will do the trick!

One of the funnier and creepier ghost stories I have experienced happened in a room with over 20 others. It was at the Laugh Lounge Comedy Club on North 1st Street inside the Yakima Valley Hotel (back in 2014), and I was on stage. I was on stage telling jokes, and I was doing one of my bits that I had done many times before. The bit dealt with religion and Star Wars, and right when I got to the punch line… LIGHTS IN THE ENTIRE ROOM WENT OUT!

They were out for about 15 seconds and then came back on. My fellow comic yelled out from the crowd, “I think God just gave you ‘The Light’!” (a sign in stand-up that tells the person on stage that their time is up). Everyone was in awe over what had just happened.

We had heard different ghost stories about that building (things moving, seen floating, voices, footsteps, etc.). But the fact that this happened at the perfect time in front of all those witnesses was epic. We thought it might have been an electrical issue, but without getting into details, the light was on a connected switch with another room’s, and nothing ‘dark’ happened in that other room. It was a spooky and isolated incident for our stage and audience.

With that story, and the one I shared in PART 1, I wanted to hear stories from other Yakima Valley residents, so last week, we posed the question on our social media accounts and got a great response. The question:

“Ever thought your house was haunted? What happened?”

The stories were so good we were able to bring you a 2nd part just in time for Halloween.

EVEN MORE Ghost Stories From The Yakima Valley!

The question was asked to our audience: "Ever thought your house was haunted? What happened?” We received EVEN MORE spooky responses!

Gallery Credit: tsm/Timmy!

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