How far they've come! AFI started as a band in 1991 and made their last lineup change in 1998 with the addition of bassist Hunter Burgan. Over time, the foursome of singer Davey Havok, guitarist Jade Puget, Burgan and drummer Adam Carson have honed in on a sound that is uniquely their own, finding themselves equally at home in darkly moody and melodic fare as they are in the hardcore heaviness that seemed to be more prevalent early in their career.

In somewhat of a rarity, AFI issued five studio albums, each one getting a little more praise than its predecessor, until they finally signed with a major label in the early part of the 21st Century. From there, these underground darlings became rock radio favorites cranking out hit song after hit song.

But with a wealth of discs to choose from, how would you rank AFI's studio albums? See our picks in the gallery below.

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