Look at all of you with your fancy motel and hotel rooms! You are too bougie and you need to take a chill pill and take a look at renting this "420-friendly air mattress on floor". It's in Tacoma, so it's not too far of a drive if you don't mind it.

The last time I slept on an air mattress was last fall when my daughter Willow's Girl Scout Troop took a camping excursion near Mount Rainier. I had bought a queen-sized air mattress at Walmart to share with Willow. She ended up choosing to sleep on it all by herself. (How rude, ha!) One of the Troop parents let me borrow one of their twin-sized air mattresses instead.

Sleeping on an air mattress is the last resort, let me just say that. If I am camping, that's one thing, but if I am staying in someone's home or in a hotel, I had best be sleeping on a real, actual BED, you know what I'm saying?

Check out the description of this "Mattressbnb" (as I am forevermore referring to it): Just $50 a night* will get you an air mattress with a 5-star rating! You will have company though, the host says other guests AND roommates will likely be staying with you--inside the SHED.

"...it is a Man Cave. Smoking permitted inside of room. This is the spot to Netflix and chill."

Wait, there's more!

"This listing is for a spot on my floor where the mattress can be inflated. We party, sing, dance, and play video games. 420-friendly, smoke cigarettes, sometimes till the sunrise."

Well, get a load of that. Forget Glamping, this is CRAMPING. Cramp everybody inside the shed! Don't worry, you'll get your own air mattress plus loud-talking roomies fussing over video games. They are planning to be smoking in your face all night long but you'll be sleeping the night away on your air mattress, so don't fret. Sign me up! (Not.)

Oh, and there's "a shower in the CLOSET."

Maybe the host was high when they wrote this description for a space on the floor in their Man Cave. The important thing is that they are willing to share their space with you with open arms (for just 50 bucks). I kind of doubt they will even remember that they put their air mattress up for rent.

Hey, there's only one way to find out!

If you want the trip of a lifetime, book this Airmattressbnb through BudandBreakfast.com!

*There's an air mattress cleaning fee of $39!

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