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I am a hotel geek. That means I go all "fangirl" when I find a unique hotel. According to my 12-year old, she is in her "goth" phase, so that means if we're going to travel to California, I better find a hotel for us to stay in that will make her feel right at home. (I am dying laughing as I write this!)

I live for hotels with their own personality, especially in a world full of cookie-cutter rooms and sterile front desk vibes. I'm more of the eclectic and funky type of hotel snob.

My favorite unconventional hotel to stay in Seattle is Hotel Max. In some rooms, you have your own record player with vinyl records to spin.

Hotel Max in downtown Seattle
Hotel Max via Google Maps
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My favorite hotel to stay closer to home is the Cedar Suite at this hotel in Toppenish, WA.

Legends Casino Hotel in Toppenish: Featured is the Cedar Suite

(Disclaimer: I love staying there so much that last year I begged them to let me promote them. They said, YES!)



What are some of the most unusual hotels in California?

Unusual hotels in California are hard to find; it's like discovering a gold mine when you come across a goth one. To me, a goth hotel has a distinctive eerie and sometimes ethereal vibe in the room. The walls can be covered in damask wallpaper or simply be dark colors.

I love rooms with dark colors because most hotel room walls are cream, beige, or some other boring color. I'm sure they designed them that way so that you don't want to linger for long!

Now let’s peek inside five really cool dark and moody gothic-esque hotels that I found during online searches. They are found in downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Palm Springs (The Yakima of California), San Luis Obispo, and Idyllwild-Pine Cove.

The 5 Best Gothic Hotels In CA

Gallery Credit: Reesha Cosby


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