Research has proven many things. Like how exercise helps in weight loss & over all happiness. It has also proven that if you give a stripper $20 you will not get change back. But research has done it again, this time with Alcohol!

Now you have to already have some knowledge of the language you're attempting to speak, but British & Dutch researchers had their findings published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology. What were their findings? People really did speak more fluently after drinking!

The study included 50 German college students who drank alcohol (at least sometimes) and were taking classes in Dutch, showing that they had some proficiency in the language. The group was split into two, with each group asked to have a two-minute casual conversation with an interviewer in Dutch. One half was given booze (amount was based on the persons weight, with an average 150lb man getting just under a pint of beer) the other half was given water. The conversation was recorded and then reviewed by two native Dutch speakers who were in the dark about who drank what.

Wouldn't you know, the group that had alcohol performed better. Now the researchers did state that the amount of alcohol was low, and they feel that drinking too much can have the exact opposite effect, easily proving the fact with slurred speech. Either way, more research will continue... definitely by me, this weekend, in my backyard, possibly pants-less.

Pic by Timmy
Pic by Timmy

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