Sometimes when you go shopping, you get so excited to purchase a product from the owner and you want them to know you sought them out to do business with them. The other day, I bought something from a local business (I will never tell you who it was), but my shopping experience with them left me a little miffed. It is important to give your customers at least half-way decent service or believe me, they will tell their friends about their horrible experience shopping in your store. Here is my open letter to rude store owners.

The other day, when I was in your store, you were quite rude to me and it rubbed me the wrong way. I approached your counter and was ready to make a purchase. You didn't even look up at me or acknowledge my presence, even though I was the only customer in front of you. I stood there for a few moments waiting for you to ask me what I wanted to buy but you just stood there and fiddled with your receipts and smoothed your hair. Perhaps you were overwhelmed with the day's busy-ness, but it still rubbed me the wrong way when you completely ignored me until I said, "Hello!"

After I greeted you with a warm smile, you still did not speak to me. Instead, I said, "Hi, I would like to purchase one of your items here on display!" You said, "Okay," and then waited for me to tell you which item I wanted to buy from you. When I pointed it out and you grabbed it, you didn't even try to upsell me or ask if I had looked at the other similar items. Next, I told you that was all that I wanted to get and you rang it up but didn't even tell me how much it would be. I finally said, "How much do I owe you?"

After you rang up my product, you whipped out a receipt and then planked it down on the counter, gave me a pen to sign the receipt and then walked away to go chat with your friends who were also in the store.

You didn't even say THANK YOU! I should have called you out right then and there for being rather rude, but I decided not to throw a fit in front of everyone.

I don't know why it bothered me so much that your service was so chilly and uncaring, probably because your product is overpriced and I was only buying something from you to support my local peeps for Small Business Saturday.

I am very pleased with the product I bought from you, but best believe, I will not recommend you to anyone and I certainly will not be back to buy one of your products again.

The Angry Lady in the Angora Sweater

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