This morning on the "Freaks" we told you a story about a woman from Titusville, Florida who used a car was vacuum to clean up gasoline from the trunk of her car. Vacuum go boom and it cost the Shuttle Car Wash $500 to repair the damage. You see, gasoline by itself is flammable but not combustible... until you turn it into fumes or a mist. Then the sparks from the electric part of the vacuum make the fumes go BOOM.

If you have gas in the TRUNK of your car you have bigger problems than a dirty car. First of all, if you have gasoline in your trunk you might want to take your automobile to a mechanic. Just a wild guess here but you probably have a leak in your gas tank. Either that or you've been transporting gas in a can... equally dangerous but easier to resolve. If this happens to you clean it up with rags, not a car wash vacuum. You're welcome.

The lady who set the car wash vacuum on fire is lucky her car didn't meet the same fate as the vehicle in the photo above.