Cassian Andor tried to stay out of the Rebellion but it didn’t matter; he ended up in jail anyway. On this week’s Andor, we see what life is like in an Imperial prison, and the absolutely pitiful conditions make for a stark contrast with life for Mon Mothma and the Imperial elites. This episode cuts back and forth between Andor and Motha.

That’s just one of the little details, Easter eggs, and Star Wars secrets on the latest episode of Andor. Our latest Star Wars video, we go through all of them, including the planet that’s from the High Republic era of Star Wars, the theme of people being unable to let things go in the series, the character on this episode who previously appeared in Star Wars: A New Hope, the connection to the Death Star on this episode, and the scene in this episode that reminds us of the classic HBO series The Wire. See all this week’s Andor Easter eggs below:

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