This week’s Andor is called “Announcements,” and it’s a fitting title. Many of the many characters reveal their true selves this week after spending much of the season behind disguises, or hiding their genuine feelings. There are also literal announcements in this episode, including the Imperial news bulletin about the heist we saw on last week’s episode.

That’s one of the many Easter eggs, hidden details, and little Star Wars secrets you might have missed on Episode 7 of Andor. In our latest Star Wars, we go through all of them, including the references to a line of Princess Leia dialogue from A New Hope, the parallels between this storyline and real-world politics, and the character who takes center stage on this episode who has appeared in the past as a minor background figure in the first Star Wars movie, and as a supporting player in the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars. See them all below:

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