American Farmland Trust President and CEO Andrew McElwaine says farmers have been stuck in limbo since the farm bill expired on September 30th. He notes they haven’t been able to sign up for several important farm conservation and other programs because the federal law authorizing those programs expired. He says the lack of farm bill action is causing significant confusion in the farm economy and uncertainty among farmers who rely on these programs to operate efficiently and economically.

Temporary food stamp benefits that were a part of the 2009 economic stimulus are no longer available as of last Friday. Some 47 million Americans are affected and it means that a family of four receiving food stamps will start receiving $36 less a month. No one is quite sure how the food stamp programs like SNAP will fare as new talks got underway last week on the farm bill which includes the nutrition programs.

According to the Renewable Fuels Association - more than 70-percent of the Top 20 best-selling cars as identified by Edmunds and AOL Auto have been explicitly approved by automakers to use E15 in 2014 models. Bob Dinneen - RFA President and CEO - says Big Oil’s excuses for refusing to offer consumers choice at the pump are falling by the curbside.

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