There were about 19.3 million people who watched the series finale of the HBO hit fantasy show, Game of Thrones.

A lot of speculators guessed that Arya Stark would be the one to knock off Daenerys from her claim as the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, which is a fitting guess since she was the one to kill the Night King. (No more spoilers, I promise!)

One cool thing I just discovered is that the woman who played Arya's stunt double in Seasons 6-8 is from Washington state!

Kristina Baskett, a Des Moines native and Mount Rainier High School graduate, was the one to serve the bad guys all those death-inducing fight moves as Arya Stark (with one exception)!

Kristina says her stunt double work on Game of Thrones took her to locations in Spain and Northern Ireland. Besides playing Arya's stunt double, she has also served as an extra in other episodes, including time as a White Walker, a resident of King's Landing and one of the Children of the Forest.

How cool is that!

To read more about Kristina Baskett, click here for the King5 News report and watch this New York Post video where she dishes about her time on the Game of Thrones set.

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