Well, we got halfway through the week before another scam popped up. If you have not heard about any of the other ones that have been coming out of left field through, especially the Covid & Stimulus Check Scams, check out the Scam-Round-Up. The new one targets customers who might be in the need of driveway repair!

The scam pretty much works like this: "Contractors" come and offer to do driveway asphalt repairs, but are needed to be paid up-front. Once they're paid, checks are cashed, they have your money, the work does not get done. If that's not bad enough, they're targeting the elderly

Picked up and shared on the Facebook page Yakima Scan, a post the from the Pasco Police warned about the scam on it's social media:

SCAM ALERT- ASPHALT CONTRACTORS: In the past four months, WWSO has investigated frauds involved contractors saying that they can do driveway asphalt repairs if they are paid up-front. The checks get cashed, the work is not done, and they have been known to return to at least one victim a second time, offering to do "repairs" again. They target elderly folks, too.
More recently, PPD and KPD have contacted suspects in those cases over here in the Tri-Cities.
Always be wary of contractors who want the money up-front. In this case, they are a man and woman in a white pickup, using company names of "National Asphalt", "Nationwide Asphalt", or "Northern Asphalt". If you have been victimized by this scam, contact the police agency where you live. If you are in Pasco, call Dispatch at (509)628-0333 or email Detective Julie Lee at leej@pasco-wa.gov.
Be on the lookout, especially when the snow starts melting!

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