Whenever I go to one of the many local restaurants we have here in Yakima, I'm always on the hunt for something unique; something I can't find in most other restaurants. That's when I saw a local place carrying BBQ chicken flatbread pizza on naan bread. Brilliant!

Though not found at a Mediterranean restaurant in town, this was at The Pub at Glenwood Square.

I'm a decent fan of barbecue chicken pizza to begin with, but add to the fact that it's on naan which, in my book, may be my favorite variety of 'bread', I'm in!

In fact, I dove in so quick I forgot to take a photo of the entire pizza itself. We grabbed a slice before I even thought to take a photo. What can I say, it's fantastic! And the fact that it's on naan makes it very edible the next day for leftovers. I'm a fan.

If you wanna check it out for yourself, The Pub at Glenwood Square has it. Yes, it's a pub, but it's also family friendly so kids are very welcome.

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