Last year there came an awkward Christmas exchange in my family. I'll set the scene for you. Christmas day, my family are all gathered at my dad's house. My step mom made an amazing Christmas dinner. All the fixings! We're done with dinner, stuffed, Christmas music is on in the background and it's time for presents! What could go wrong?

Really nothing went wrong. Just one family member didn't have tact when it came to her presents. Well, this particular family member is known to be a "picky eater". So when my sister-in-law gave this picky family member their gift card to a particular restaurant, the exchange kind of got awkward. "Ugg, I can't stand this place, here you take it" and then she handed it off to another family member. Luckily that other family member loved the particular dining location, so the gift went to a good home. I know some feelings were hurt, I was vented too afterwards. How could that picky family member handled that situation differently? I'm sure most would have just said thank you, then later on in the night, handed the gift off. I've done that many times. Wait to see if someone else gets another "ugg" gift and in a nice comical way offer to trade (with permission from the gift givers of course). Maybe my family member didn't think, or just flat out doesn't have tact. Well this year, we have some tips from Doctor Strange himself, Benedict Cumberbatch!

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He along with the fine folks at The Hook, bring us, a how-to-video teaching us how we can spare some feelings of gift givers. Especially if you're meeting up with the EXTENDED family through out this weekend. You know the crappy gifts are coming! Bulls*** your way through to holiday bliss! Check the video out below.


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