It's National Margarita Day, which means it's time to call in sick tomorrow and go get your marg time on. Granted, we understand if ya can't take the day off, in that case here are just some places to check out on the weekends.

If you wanna make Uncle Craker proud you know Mardigra is right around the corner, so we'll give you the best places to go out and celebrate the two best holidays, margaritas and Mardigra!

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4.) El Porton De Pepe

Sometimes a margarita is just what you need, but if you're looking for an extra fill-up of delicious food and great services El Porton De Pepe is the perfect spot. With to-go orders, dine-in, and a drive-thru you can't go wrong. Having gotten a margarita here when I first moved to Yakima I can promise this is one of the best in the Valley

3.) El Mirador Express

Another amazing restaurant with some delicious food, but of course, we're focused on the Margs. Whether you have a certain flavor in mind, or you just want a frozen marg to beat the heat...or cold. This place is a perfect spot to stop in grab a drink and some tasty food!

2.) Ay Caramba Mexican Grill

When you look up Ay Caramba people are going to the mat debating whether or not it's the best Mexican food in the Yakima Valley, but we're not here to debate that. No, we're looking for the best margaritas, and Ay Caramba Mexican Grill has some next-level ones, tasty, easy-going down, and strong enough to remind you you're drinking alcohol. Honestly, it's like the perfect smoothy marg mix and one you have to try!

1.) Fuego Margarita Bar

This one you have to see to believe, with endless options and mixes for your margarita this place is amazing, not to mention they also have some awesome selections for food and appetizers, but again we're here for the Margs! Get frozen, regular, and a huge variety of different mixes with pro bartenders helping you pick your own creation or help you just go with a classic. Fuego is a must check out for anyone in or outside of Yakima!

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