Man, it's a one, two punch! We heard about H&H Furniture is liquidating and shutting down, now it looks like another local business in Yakima is shutting its doors and closing up shop. This one really hurts because it is one of the cooler places to grab a bite and a drink in downtown Yakima. A place that was really laid back, nice, casual with indoor and outdoor seating. Not just a bar, or a restaurant, but a place you could go and just hang out in.

Norm’s of Yakima (5 North Front Street) announced yesterday afternoon (via their Social Media) that they would be closing its doors. The language that was used, does give some hope that the establishment might be back one day. We can cross our fingers and hope.

“We sadly are announcing that Norm’s is closed for the unforeseeable future. We tried our best but that wasn’t enough.” – Norm’s of Yakima

Norm’s was opened in 2017, and was one of the many businesses that was hit hard through the pandemic and rough economic times. They give credit to being able to be open this whole time to their patrons.

“We can’t express our appreciation to everyone that has supported us, rooted for us & helped us through this. We are grateful for the many friendships we have made with so many of you.” – Norm’s of Yakima


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As far as what is in store for the building or any hopeful future that Norm’s might have, all we do know is that the owners plan a lot of family time.

“Time to focus on our 4 kids & rebuilding our future. Stay kind Yakima.” – Norm’s of Yakima

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