Everybody loves sandwiches. They're quick and easy to make but can also be complicated with many flavorful ingredients. Here are my top five places to get a sandwich in Yakima Washington.

5) Subway: I know that there are the Subway lovers and would place Subway at number one, but in my opinion subway is a very common restaurant chain that isn't very specific to Yakima. For that reason, I put subway at five.

4) Bruchi's Incorporated: Bruchi's, in my eyes, is a classic Philadelphia Sub Shop. The Philly Cheese Stake sandwich there is a very good one, but the service could use a little work. The employee that served me seemed like they could care less about your food. Therefore, I put Bruchi's at four.

3) Quiznos: I am a big fan of Quiznos. Personally I prefer them over Subway. But like Subway, you can find a Quiznos almost anywhere. The food and service is great, but compared to others in Yakima, it could be better. I place Quiznos at three.

2) Jimmy Johns: When I first went to Jimmy Johns, every employee welcomed me. The service was amazing. I was very impressed. The food was very good but not as good as my number one pick. I place Jimmy Johns at 2

1) 5th Avenue Deli: When I went to the 5th Avenue Deli, I was welcomed as well. The aspect that put 5th Avenue Deli over the top of the others was the combination of great service, and amazing sandwiches. I would definitely go there again for the taste of the sandwich more then anything. That is why I place them at one

All in all, I recommend all these places for a good sandwich. But if I had to choose, that would be my order.

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