In my effort to find unique items I don't see every day, these interesting sandwiches caught my eye. I love how they have the crusts cut off and how they're presented in these bags. They had chicken and pork and more but what really caught my eye were these 'cream' sandwiches. I had to investigate.

The other day I was in the Seattle area and stopped by a grocery store I frequent when I'm over there called Uwajimaya. Think like a Safeway or Rosauers but filled with Asian items. Stuff from Japan, China, Korea and more. These sandwiches in the deli area caught my attention and had to try them.

As it turns out, they were great! I never thought of doing like a strawberries and cream or, in this case, banana cream pie on two pieces of white bread with the crusts cut off. Brilliant idea and super easy to make at home.

If you're looking for a fun project next time the kids are looking for a fun snack, might consider making something like this.

I still paid for these and though I can easily make them I'm looking forward to seeing what they might have next.

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