Do you love airplanes? How about military airplanes? If you answered yes you'll want to be at the Yakima Air Terminal-McAllister Field on Saturday.

Beginning March 20 a two-week U.S. Air Force exercise will start at Yakima Air Terminal-McAllister Field. On that day a big plane will arrive at the airport, a C-17 Globemaster. The aircraft will provide ground support equipment for troops and then leave on the same day. Then on March 21, according to a news release two U-28A Pilatus and four Boeing V-22 Osprey aircraft from Florida will arrive for the exercise. Airport officials say the aircraft will begin operating every afternoon during the two-week period. Operations are expected to end at midnight during the exercise. But it could be loud over area neighborhoods.

The release says flight crews have been advised to avoid noise-sensitive areas such as neighborhoods in the Yakima Valley. However they say there could be times you'll hear the aircraft over your home late at night.

If you have a flight planned from the airport over the next two weeks you need to know that the exercise will not impact regular, day-to-day flight operations at the airport.

You are welcome to observe the operations of the exercise outside of the airport perimeter fence. A lot of people are expected to be involved in the event.
All total about 40 to 50 ground support personnel, pilots and mechanics are scheduled to be involved in the exercise. All the action is expected to end on April 3 when the exercise will be finished.

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