It's not fair. This is horrible, just awful news for those of us that just want some Big Mac Sauce in the comfort of our own home.

The heavenly would-be favorite condiment of every household in America is being held hostage by McDonald's and Kraft-Heinz with plans just to serve the Canadian Big Mac Sauce fanbase.

A Canadian food blogger broke the news a few days ago.


Which sparks the question... How do I get to be a PAID food blogger? I mean, aside from blogging about food endlessly here on KATSFM.COM all the time.

Other countries often get menu options at American franchise restaurants, but generally speaking I have never heard of them selling sauces out of country. If Taco Bell and Hooters and provide me with their lovely tasting sauces, why can't I get some Big Mac Sauce?

That got me to thinking about some of the disappointing restaurant brands in stores.

I absolutely LOVE a Tex-Mex franchise named On The Border, but they do not have any near here. They have plenty of OTB chip options at Wallyworld along with queso and salsa varieties.

None of them, in my opinion, taste anything like the restaurant's.

My mind keeps wandering to the wonderful things I could put the Big Mac Sauce over to make some new culinary masterpiece.

Here are 6 Things to make with Big Mac Sauce, should it ever be available over the counter here in the United States.

  1. Big Macloaf - Imagine making the household favorite even better with sweet Big Mac Sauce drizzled over the top of your meatloaf. With a side of sliced potatoes baked in olive oil an spices and cut green beans, you've found kid heaven.
  2. Big Mac Pizza - Nothing better than a homemade pizza, except a pizza topped with ground beef, lettuce, pickles, and artfully drizzled Big Mac Sauce.
  3. Reuben on Rye - well, duh.
  4. Tater Tots - One thing that bugs me about McD's is a lack of tots on the menu.
  5. Hotdog - Something tells me that the kids would love that.
  6. Sliders - I love making bite size burgers a lot more than full size. Plus, why wouldn't anyone that loves a Big Mac not make some burger variation?


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