My brother likes board games... no, he's obsessed with board games. He has so many that he has multiple versions of some (like Risk and Monopoly) and duplicates of others. If he's at a yard sale, garage sale or thrift store and sees a board game, especially a classic board game intact, he has to have it. Above is a panoramic view of just part of his collection. His wife gives him a good-natured hard time about all the games and the room it takes up but it rings hollow once you see her vast collection of DVD's and bottles.

While I have nothing like his collection, I love them too. This weekend he and I spent hours playing them and could have easily spent more. In an age when everyone seems like they spend hours on their smart phones, a device where their gaming happens almost exclusively, it's refreshing to actually get involved in a recreation that encourages human interaction off the grid.

This is probably why board games are making a comeback. Over the first part of this decade many people (including myself) got their first smart phone. From 2010-2013 the mobile gaming industry took a huge bite out of the board game industry. As the novelty wears off though, board games are making a comeback and according to Global Toy News, they are quickly gaining back their market share.

For one, I'm glad to see it because as we become more "inter-connected" we lose the personal connection... especially with those we love the most, our family.

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