The smoke is back in Yakima and it's beyond unsafe to breathe in. If you haven't gotten your hands on an n95 mask you're better off finding things to do indoors this weekend. So let's make a list of things you can do at home or out around town.

It's not quite covid but it's making us stay inside right when we're getting over all of it. Thankfully there's plenty of things for you to do that you probably learned from covid, but lucky for you indoor business are still open and operating so you can get out of your home this weekend.

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Family Movie Night

Stick it out at home and enjoy movies whether it's new to streaming or just an old family favorite. Spending time with the family is always a good way to pass the time especially when you like them. If you're not the biggest fan of your family may be plan a movie night with friends or go to the movies to get away from the smoke.

Have a nice dinner out...but inside.

Yakima knows what it's doing when it comes to food, I was extremely happy when I got a taste of some of the local restaurants and I can tell you it's an absolute treat to go out and eat, take some family or friends and go grab a bite to eat at somewhere like Cowchie Kitchen and really spoil yourself!

Bust out the Board Games

Unless you despise board games this one is perfect for family, friends, and all. However I don't suggest monopoly, relationships may end. But gams like mousetrap or battleship is loads of fun with some pizza and beer...root beer for the kiddos

Go camping!

I know what you're thinking, "This is a list to stay inside, what do you mean go camping?" That's right, go camping but do it inside. Set up a blanket fort or small tents in your living room, make smores, tell ghost stories, the whole 9 yards....just no indoor fire, unless you have a fireplace...even then i just wouldn't right now.

Video game Night!

Stay inside and be a true loner playing video games all night until the sun rises, or if you have friends and family make it into a big video game night, play some fighting games and take turns, make a tournament out of it with any game, this will give you hours on hours of fun and some good bonding. Even better if you're old enough to remember LAN parties, throw a LAN party!

Hopefully, this list helps you come up with some things to do indoors. If it doesn't just remember to be safe out there and get the right mask to ensure you don't inhale too much smoke.

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