Let's say you're in a grocery store parking lot and you see some dude going nuts in his car.

What do you do? I would probably steer clear because half my family is nuts (no joke) and I know how they can be when they're off their meds. But some brave souls in Pasco saw this guy in his car going a bit bonkers and when they approached him to see if he was all right, he took off and bashed into a parked car, then sped down the street, jumped the curb, hit a fence and finally was blocked in by other vehicles until police could arrive. My hat is off to you, whoever you are...you may have saved a life!

It turns out that this guy shouldn't have been driving, nuts or sane, stoned or sober because his drivers' license is suspended. The crazy driver is suspected of being on heroin, so even though he was acting crazy, it's probably not the honest kind of crazy that runs in my family.

DUI SUSPECT HITS CARS: Concerned shoppers at Fiesta Foods called Dispatch at about 5:35 PM Tuesday evening to report a...

Posted by Pasco Police on Wednesday, January 13, 2021


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