I don't think I ever wanted crab legs so bad that I would hurt another human being. Now granted, I'm not a fan of crab legs and I'm not from Alabama, so who knows? Customers at the Meteor Buffet in Huntsville, Ala., on the other hand, did just that after standing in line waiting for up to 20 minutes for the next tray to come out.

"They'd been waiting there for the crab legs for a good 10, 20 minutes. When they finally came out, it's very heated. Especially if someone is taking more than their fair share," said Huntsville police officer Gerald Johnson, who was eating at the restaurant when the melee broke out.

According to reports, customers at the $10.58 per-plate buffet started rushing, pushing and shoving in order to get to the food. Some customers started using tongs as weapons, with plates breaking everywhere, it was a food fight that turned violent.

Two people were arrested in the incident. Customers Chequita Jenkins (who was there with her children) and John Chapman, who suffered a cut to his head. Chapman is facing disorderly conduct and Jenkins is charged with third-degree assault.

Just goes to show, don't bring a spoon to a tong fight!

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