I'm a big fan of Rainier Square and all the shops it has. I remember as far back as Montgomery Ward, Rick Webb's Video City and a few other selections from that complex. Now it's a huge mecca for stores, shops, dining and even a hotel. It has pretty much everything you need but it's missing something integral for a place like that -- a breakfast diner. Here's a list of places I wish they'd put in at Rainier Square.

Waffle House

This is a huge pipedream but it's also what's featured in the photo. I was recently on the east coast and had my first Waffle House fix. Though most will fondly remember Waffle House from their area as a place to sober up at 4 a.m. but the food was great!

We used to have an IHOP and it's time to bring it back. My kids love the extensive, unique pancakes on their menu and I can always find something I like.

Waffle's Caffe
I mean, a third location wouldn't suck. We have one on North 1st, we have one in West Valley, having a Waffle's Caffe in the middle of town would be amazing.

Another place I miss. You couldn't go wrong with anything on the menu, really.

Cracker Barrel
I think Yakima would do very well with a Cracker Barrel.

Literally any locally owned and operated place.
Chain restaurants can be fun, too, but I like to give my business to local businesses when I can. So long as they serve breakfast any time, I'm there.

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