To save the boring details up front, next time you're looking for ice cream and you see some awesome, fun flavors of Breyers that are on sale, know what you're getting. Breyers have cheapened their ingredients so much that they are no longer allowed to call their product 'ice cream'.

There was a commercial about five years ago where one kid was having trouble naming off the ingredients of a rival brand of ice cream, where the kid with Breyers named off the simple ingredients (vanilla, cream, sugar and milk, at the time). Now, much like their competitors, they're saving money by using ingredients like whey and corn syrup as a cheaper substitute.

From Wikipedia:

For several decades over 30% of Breyers products, including most of their products sold in the Northeastern U.S., were produced in a large plant outside Boston, in Framingham, Massachusetts. However, as part of further cost-cutting by Unilever, the plant was closed in March of 2011.

So, as it goes, they're making more money by selling you a less-natural product.

Before you think I'm a huge liberal tree-hugger, I really don't mind, either way. Of course I'd rather have all natural ingredients, but I'm also pro-science so if you can make a likeness there-of and not notice while saving a few bucks, why not give it a shot? You shouldn't be eating a ton of ice cream all the time as it is. Throw in a frozen dairy treat every now and again, you'll be fine.

I just wanted you to know what you're buying.