Who couldn't use $500? Bills are constantly coming in, and prices at the grocery store are increasing. You never know what the cost of gas is going to be. Heck, just two years ago, prices for Toilet Paper were through the roof. Back in my day, we used to egg and TP people's houses for fun. Now, if you want to do that, you probably should take out a second mortgage. So, like I said, who couldn't use an extra $500?!

We just wrapped up our Budget Buster Social Sweep national contest and gave one lucky winner a $500 Visa Gift Card! Many people got social with us and entered to win. In fact, there were almost 12,000 participants, with over 72,000 entries!

Who Won The Budget Buster Event?

Congrats to Meranda Drouin; she has extra shopping money for groceries or perhaps to help out on a trip to see some family and friends in Chicago! She scored the prize by downloading our Station App, and got social with us. Pretty simple!

Meranda Drouin Winner
Pic Courtesy of Meranda Drouin

Keep your notifications ON and your ears locked on to the radio for our next giveaways, including a chance to win a million dollars in our Million Dollar Bracket Challenge!

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