When I was a kiddo, we used to run around and pretend we always had real guns. My parents were cool, too, because they taught my brother and I how to respect guns. That is not always the case in this world. But, even if you were never taught how to respect them, you would think that it would be common sense to not actually fire one if you saw it. In fact, would you even pick one up just to see if it was real? Furthermore, would you pick it up if you found it in a public place like, oh, let's say the mall?A little boy found a gun underneath a bench in a dressing room in Atlanta. His mom took it from him, which is good, but proceeded to fire it, just to see if it was real. Reports say that no one was injured. Thank God. But, the question still remains. Would you fire a weapon if you found it in a mall just to see if it was real?

I think getting the proper authorities would be the best thing for everyone, just in case. Clearly someone stashed to for either further use at the mall or because they already had used it and they were getting rid of evidence.

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