Everyone knows that cheaters never win... unless it's in video games and other aspects of life where cheaters actually do win. The powers that be are trying to curb that, at least in the gaming world of Call Of Duty. A tweet sent out via the "Infinity Ward" announced that players in Modern Warfare & Warzone who are found to be cheating will be dealt with in a new, and kind of exciting way.

killcam" will help allow players to spot potential cheaters as well as a spectate mode, for people who want to sit back and laugh as this cheater vs cheater battle happen. Think of it this way, watching a baseball game where every player is on steroids... EVERY AT BAT IS A HOME RUN!

Activision did so to over 70,000 players of
Call of Duty: Warzone back in April. Still no word on what the company plans to do when players die because "the controller is F** BullS***". If you have no idea what the games of Call of Duty look like, take a look at these WTF moments from the game below.

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