Former Audioslave and current Soundgarden lead singer Chris Cornell will be performing a solo acoustic show tonight in Yakima's Capitol Theatre.

Amaze and astound your friends with your useless knowledge at the concert tonight. Here are a few things about one of the Northwest's favorite sons you might not know!

  • He owns a rock-themed restaurant in Paris called "Black Calavados"
  • Chris was originally the drummer for Soundgarden before Matt Cameron came along. He then switched to vocalist
  • The band's song "Jesus Christ Pose" was written as a parody of Jane's Addiction singer and Lollapalooza founder Perry Farrell
  • The death of his fellow musician and friend Jeff Buckley inspired the song 'Wave Goodbye'
  • Before hitting it in the music industry, Cornell once worked as a cook
  • Chris is a voracious reader who soaks up books on philosophy and Eastern culture. Sylvia Plath is one of his favorite authors
  • Cornell's hobbies include snowboarding and mountain biking
  • His ex-wife, Susan Silver, was also the band's manager
  • The band Temple of the Dog and subsequent one-off album was in tribute to his friend and former roommate, musician Andrew Wood, of Mother Love Bone