The world has been captivated by the Bio Pic of Weird Al Yankovic, even if it is a parody of a biopic. The story has been based on his life with a lot of parody, which means made-up and silly versions of what actually happened into a fictional story to create a fun experience.

Either way, people are dying to see this movie, they've been searching far and wide and trying to figure out what theater in Yakima will be showing this film. Sadly, we received the news that no theater in Yakima will be showing the movie, not just Yakima but the entire country as well. So how do you watch this film?

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Where To Watch The Movie

The crazy thing is this film feels like a huge blockbuster that would rake in the cash, yet somehow a streaming service struck. deal with this film. Roku Tv, which is a tv streaming device much like an Amazon Firestick. If you have Roku Tv you're set up and good to go, if you don't we'll help you set up a way for you to watch below!

How to Watch the Movie

If you don't have a Roku Tv you can still watch this film just not in the same way as you used to. You won't be able to watch it using an amazon fire stick or apple tv+ platform. Instead, you'll have to create an account at Here's the craziest part, the movie itself is completely free to watch, Roku will ask for credit card information but only for if you buy something.

Check out the trailer below!

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