Could this possibly be true? Are there pictures of Christina Hendricks naked on the internet?  Hendricks, star of ‘Mad Men’ and ‘our fantasies’ is supposedly the latest celeb to have naked pics leaked on the Internet.

Photos of Christina Hendricks naked popped up on the website Motherless [LINK - NSFW] this weekend. We’ve seen them all and we just aren’t sure. Perhaps another look is in order, to which we say, “Gladly!”


The photos above are definitely Christina Hendricks. In the photo right above she is possibly showing some nip, but, in all the supposed pictures of Christina Hendricks naked (like this one) a very important piece of identification is missing– her face.

Our verdict–these pictures seem semi-legit. It’s a woman (we’re positive of that), about the same size and stacked-ture of the ‘Mad Men’ star, but we can’t say for sure if the topless photos are of Christina Hendricks. Guess we’ll all find out soon enough. Until then, these photos are good enough.

UPDATE - Hendricks says her phone was hacked but that the naked photos are not of her.

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