Have you been pwned? A new website will show you if your email address(es) have been subject to a data breach leaving you vulnerable to hackers and scammers.

First off, the slang term "pwned" is defined at UrbanDictionary.com as follows: "It basically means "to own" or to be dominated by an opponent or situation, especially by some god-like or computer-like force."

As a person who has had my checking and savings account completely drained (thanks for that, PayPal!) and had fraudulent accounts attempted to be set-up in my name when benefits were being doled out by the state during the pandemic, I know how frustrating it can be when you find out that you have had your information compromised.

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How can you find out if you are susceptible to a hack or a scam BEFORE it is too late?

Check out the website HaveIBeenPwned.com. then simply enter any and all email addresses you regularly use (I'll show you some screen caps of what to expect below). I typed in my personal addy and discovered -- shockingly -- that my address/password had been subjected to SEVEN data breaches from seven separate websites!

Probably a good reminder to change those passwords again before my most-secret of details are floating around the dark web. I highly suggest you try it out for yourself and I hope that you are a bit more secured than I appeared to be.

Another neat feature of the website is that it also allows you to enter your cell phone number(s) as well.

Here's how to find out if you have been pwned

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