Any business that's been around for 50 years MUST be doing something right!

Comprehensive Healthcare is taking the entirety of 2022 to celebrate its 50th anniversary and make sure that everyone is aware of just how much they want to help! You're not alone and we can get whatever you're dealing with handled if we stick together.

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I got the chance to speak to Lisa, recruitment coordinator for Comprehensive Healthcare about what it would look like to apply for a job at Comprehensive Healthcare and it sounds SUPER promising for many different fields from Yakima to the Tri-Cities and beyond!

There are so many different clinics and options to choose from. Even if you are not qualified for a position you are super interested in, apply. Comprehensive Healthcare could help pay for a portion of your tuition to complete all the certifications that are required.

Some of the Positions to Available to Apply For

  • Accounts Receivable Representative - Yakima
  • Advocate - Ellensburg
  • Application Analyst - Yakima
  • Behavioral Health Associate - Yakima
  • Behavioral Health Associates - Sunnyside
  • Behavioral Health Associate - Walla Walla
  • Behavioral Health Specialist - Yakima
  • Behavioral Health Specialist Corrections - Yakima
  • Business Analyst - Yakima
  • Care Coordinator - Walla Walla
  • Care Coordinator - Yakima
  • Care Coordinator Health Homes - Pasco
  • Care Navigator - Yakima
  • Care Navigator SUDP - Yakima
  • Case Manager Corrections - Yakima
  • Case Manager Assistant - Yakima
  • Certified Nursing Assistant CNA - Yakima
  • Clinic Supervisor - Yakima
  • Clinic Review & Authorization Specialist - Yakima
  • Cook - Yakima
  • Crisis Case Manager - Yakima
  • Crisis Case Manager - Dayton, WA
  • Crisis Case Manager - Pasco
  • Crisis Outreach Professional - Walla Walla

and many, more!

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