Cage The Elephant brought their Neon Pill Tour to Climate Pledge Arena on Saturday, June 22nd, 2024.

The crowd was jam packed, and one of people in attendance was our listener Tyler Anthony, who wrote a pretty stellar Concert Report!

Relive your "Cigarette Daydreams" and check out this concert report below.

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Katie Zimmerman/LIVE NATION

The Night Seattle Uncaged the Elephant

A Saturday night in Seattle is always a Pandora's box of excitement, even more so when a line up staring incredible artists grace the emerald city with its musical talents.

Seattle has always been well known for its beauty for the rhythmic sounds of music, however some outside vibes can bring a whole new level to the party. And for the Cage the Elephant Neon Pill tour, that's exactly what they did.

Six thirty, we are seated in some extra cushion seats in the Symetra Bank premium seating area, always nice to have a comfy place to sit. The lights dim and the opening act hits the stage.

A fun corky group by the name Willow Avalon, a real modern day Dolly Parton feel, and I was here for it.

From the bedazzled microphone to the glittered guitar, and let us not forget the rocking cowgirl boots and attitude to match.

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This fun act gave us a fun opening and debut of their new song “Tequila or Whiskey”. This act could very much be that big star one day, and I will have the joy of saying I got to see them live.

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Tyler Anthony

Smoothly entering the stage, artist Bakar performs as we got to be dazed with chill vibes.

Bakar had a song titled “Hell N Back” that was featured in the movie trailer for Disney's Elemental that was released in the summer of 2023. This song was the relaxing feels the crowed needed to carry us into the night.

Bakar was very comfy, even delivering a track to us while laying down as seen in the photo.

tsm/Tyler Anthony
tsm/Tyler Anthony

Next, it was time to be young, and get giant, for Young the Giant hit the stage.

Kicking off their set with “Jungle Youth” had the crowd up and out of their seats, the rock vibrating our very souls.

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Delivering a killer performance and showcasing their strength to be a worthy artist of the Emerald City music scene.

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tsm/Tyler Anthony

The best for last... Rocking the stage in ways that only Cage the Elephant can.

In many concerts I have found sometimes openers who killed it so hard they steal the show, however Cage was determined to make clear why they were the headliner for this tour.

The power they brought to the show was matched only by the energy of a thousand suns.

Laser light show at climate pledge arena during a rock concert.
tsm/Tyler Anthony


Burst of fire erupted from the stage for its pyrotechnics as they opened with “Broken Boy”, with its dazing mesh of guitar and drums opening, this was the perfect show opening.

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At this point, the crowd was here to stand for the rest of the show despite our comfy seats. My body would not let me sit or rest when the power of the music would rattle my bones to the beat.

Cage closed out the night with an encore of three songs, “Shake Me Down”, “Cigarette Daydreams”, and “Come a Little Closer”.

rock band on stage
tsm/Tyler Anthony

Cage the Elephant's Neon Pill (title of their latest album) Tour was a hurricane of sounds that proved its worthiness among the Seattle greats, being a star in the Emerald Night Sky.

Willow Avalon, Bakar, Young the Giant, and none other than Cage the Elephant delivered an outstanding show and will be a night to remember.

Until next time on the road to the musical get away, Signing off, rock on, and let the good times roll.

Katie Zimmerman/LIVE NATION
Katie Zimmerman/LIVE NATION

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