Congressman Dan Newhouse, (R-Wa.) has announced one of his new gigs when the 117th United States Congress convenes in Washington D.C. in January, is Chairman of the Congressional Western Caucus. It is a big deal and a real honor.

Dan Newhouse and His Caucus
Dan Newhouse and His Caucus

Newhouse, in a statement said, "The Congressional Western Caucus is the premiere organization advocating for rural policy issues throughout the West and beyond. As a Caucus, we advocate for legislation and policies that empower rural communities like ours in Central Washington. We have worked to encourage responsible resource development and energy independence, increase access to public lands and promote multiple-use, protect our communities from wildfires, support our nation’s agriculture industry, and strengthen the water infrastructure that makes our way-of-life possible throughout the West."

For the past few years, Newhouse has served as a Vice Chairman of the Congressional Western Caucus, a bipartisan coalition aiming to advance priorities of rural America.

The Western Caucus provides an opportunity for members not just in the West, but from across the country, to advocate for their constituents through a platform that unites, elevates, and strengthens collective voices.

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Newhouse stated, "As a lifelong resident of Central Washington and a third-generation farmer, I have a unique understanding of the negative impacts federal decisions and one-size-fits-all regulations can have on our communities. I want to use this experience to expand the influence of the Caucus and protect the values of rural communities throughout the West and beyond."

Click here to read the Congressman's entire op-ed piece from the Sunnyside Sun newspaper.

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