• World Bank’s latest Food Price Watch shows international food prices rose between January and April of this year.During that time international food prices increased by four-percent with international prices for wheat and corn rising sharply.The report says the global price increases can mostly be linked to increasing weather concerns and import demand shifts.
  • Wildlife biologists in Oregon’s Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest have announced the birth of a pair of wolf pups from their celebrity wolf, OR-7.Remote cameras had recently picked up OR-7 being followed by a new black female wolf and biologists suspected she was the new mate. Biologists have subsequently returned to the area and taken photos of the two pups and collected fecal samples for DNA testing which will take several weeks to see results come back.OR-7, also known as Journey, is a male gray wolf being electronically tracked throughout Oregon and California and is the first confirmed wolf in western Oregon since 1947, and the first in California since 1924.

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