Maybe you're one of the many that have sent out a "dick pic"... most of the time only to annoy someone, play a prank, or hopefully to impress a person. Well now you can do something good with that wallet sized willy photographic masterpiece! A Missouri State University sociology professor named Alicia Walker is in need of at least 3,600 penis pics for research!

Now I thought the same thing, yeah right, "RESEARCH" but according to Men's Health, it is actually legit. Her research project is about how the man's size impacts his life. Besides just a pic she's asking participants to send member measurements & photos (in all states of being). Guys are also given the option for an interview with Walker to discuss their life. So in a way, it's like a first date and foreplay for some guys... for science! If you're interested, you need to be at least 22  years old and live in the U.S. or Canada.

Even though the university has confirmed that the study has met the board's requirements for a study by them, it will not be funded by them or any government offices. At the time of this writing, the survey website was down, whether Walker has gotten all the pics she could handle and took it down, or the site experienced a cock crash, I don't know. Just know before you text your erection art to a random number, think if it could be better used for science?

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