Cosmic Crisp apples are the new craze out of Washington state. They're supposed to last for a full year in storage and they've slowed down the browning process. But by how much? Well, I wanted to put it to the test.

I grabbed a standard Red Delicious, which has to be the world's most generic apple of all time, and a Cosmic Crisp, which is in stores now. I took a bite of each and filmed updates periodically through about 2 hours of just letting them sit on the shelf to see what happens.

As you can see in the photo and in the video, it stays pretty fresh-looking! That's amazing!

Cosmic Crisp comes with a bigger price tag for apples than you might be comfortable with, but it's not that bad. I remember when Honey Crisp first came out and they were $5 a pound. I haven't seen Cosmic Crisp for that much. Just keep shopping around and you're sure to find some.

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