I love to try new products from other countries. It's kind of a hobby of mine. Candy bars from the UK, breakfast cereal from South Africa -- whatever I can get shipped or imported to my front porch I'm wildly curious to see what all is out there that we're missing out on. Canada just released some new Flavour Boost packs that you add to your macaroni and cheese and soon as I saw them, I knew I had to try them.

In Canada they call Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Kraft Dinner. It's commonly known as Kraft Dinner in Canada as it clearly lists it on the box, though they also know it's also called mac and cheese. I'm sure they both taste exactly the same.

The Kraft company in Canada decided to release a set of packets that you add to your Kraft Dinner. Still make it as instructed. Boil macaroni, drain, add butter, milk, cheese powder and then, once that's done, stir in one of 6 different flavour boost packs. The options are jalapeno, butter chicken, poutine, buffalo wings, ghost pepper and cotton candy. I have a friend in Canada who was able to send me a few options but was most interested in cotton candy so I made that one first.

After opening the pack and taking a whiff, it didn't really smell much like cotton candy. It was super sweet, almost like those chalky candy sticks you would like and dip into a sugar solution. I didn't taste it straight, though, I sent it straight into the mac 'n' cheese and started stirring, watching as the bright orange color turned to a pinkish purple.

After pouring it all out onto a plate and being amazed I took a photo and invited my kids to try a bit. Only one of my three kids was brave enough. They said it was okay but only took a couple bites.

I took a large fork-full and I couldn't quite process what I had in my mouth. It wasn't terrible but wasn't great. The texture was all macaroni and cheese but it wasn't that sweet, either. Not Cotton Candy, really. It's almost as if Kool-Aid decided to start making fun flavors of mac 'n' cheese. Kind of like that. Maybe it's for the better this doesn't exist in the United States.

Though this would be great for Halloween if you want to have a fake plate of brains to touch and feel. Would make a great prop.

Either way, I tried it and now never need to try it again. I am curious about some of those other flavors like butter chicken but I'll save those for another time.

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