Dave Grohl admits that he still can't listen to Nirvana, because it's "too personal," and it makes him too upset. Talking to British GQ Magazine, quote, "When Kurt [Cobain] died, every time the radio came on, it broke my heart.  I don't put Nirvana records on . . . although they are always on somewhere.  I get in the car, they're on. I go into a shop, they're on."

That said, he hasn't blocked the memories out.  He says, quote, "I remember everything about those records . . . I remember the shorts I was wearing when we recorded them, or that it snowed that day."

In other Dave Grohl news, he fell while on stage a few gigs back.

He did NOT break his leg. Last time I checked, he lent his 2015 Tour Throne to Axl Rose when he was banged up...

Dave invited a fan, as he's prone to do at shows for no reason, a very young drummer, 8-year old "Little Fonzie" to come up on stage and pound out a song with the band, but then the kid didn't want to give us his moment in the spotlight, much to the delight of Foo drummer Taylor Hawkins.

Foo Fighters did a nifty little mashup while rehearsing for their current tour. They took the music from John Lennon's "Imagine" and had Dave sing Van Halen's "Jump" on top of it.