Most of us are accustomed to getting email, but almost no one is prepared to get a missive from a friend who’s been dead for months. Yet that’s what’s happened to the loved ones of a young man who passed away last summer.

Jack Froese died suddenly from a heart arrhythmia in June of 2011 at the very young age of 32. And several months later, many of the loved ones he left behind started getting emails from him — meaning either the Great Beyond has internet access or someone’s playing what could be considered a rather cruel joke.

Even stranger, the emails have addressed things Froese discussed with pals in their last conversations. Tim Hart says shortly before his childhood friend died, Froese teased Hart about how messy his attic was, making a postmortem email that read, “Did you hear me? I’m at your house. Clean your f–ing attic!!!” all the creepier.

I turned ghost white when I read it. It was very quick and short but to a point that only Jack and I could relate on,” Hart said.

He emailed the account back, but hasn’t received a response.

Froese’s mother, Patty, says anyone’s who’s gotten the mysterious emails should treat them “as a gift,” adding, “I saw they made people happy, they upset some people. But I see it as people [are] still talking about him.” Learn more about this bizarre story below.

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