15 Places in Yakima to Get a Deep Fryer for Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Turkey Deep Fryer

The research in the area has been done and below are the spots you can begin your Turkey Deep Fryer search. It's nice to know you've got options from electric to oil-less, huge ones to small and all the seasonings, safety tools and inflatable turkey decorations to gobble up this holiday season

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1. Cabela's

A quick phone call confirmed that Cabela's in Union Gap offers at least two sizes of Propane Turkey Fryers, a 30 quart for $59.99 as well as a 36 quart for $99 with possibly smaller sizes as well. They come with the pot, the stand it sits on and the propane chord attachment. Do they sell propane? Yes, they do.

2. Home Depot

Home Depot
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 Home Depot features about 10 different styles of deep turkey fryers including all the implements for electric or propane. Ranging from about $60 to over $100 they also carry the deep frying oil and if you really want to go for it, choose from a variety of inflatable turkeys to include in your festivities while you're there as well.

3. Walmart Super Centers

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We've got two locations in our area one off Nob Hill and the other off of Chestnut, both are fully stocked with well over 10 variety's of turkey fryers from charbroiled oil-less cooking to Cajun injectors, rotisserie fryers and more ranging from $76 to over $200 in price

Yakima Dme cANVA
Yakima Dme cANVA

4. Hometown Ace Hardware

Located on 40th in Yakima they offer the oil, burners, pots and deep fryers to fit whatever your frying heart desires

5. Stein's Ace Hardware 

Located out in West Valley they for sure have the oil you need for turkey frying needs as well as a few different turkey deep fryer options

6. Target


The Masterbuilt Butterball can be found here with over 200 reviews raving about how well this appliance cooks your turkey priced at $99 as well as a few other option but you will need to order them online

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7. Lowe's Home Improvement

Located on Longfibre Road they are all stocked up with your turkey frying needs with options for oil-less, the deep frying gloves for protection and other gadgets to make your deep frying turkey dreams come true

8. Dick's Sporting Goods 

Another spot you wouldn't think would carry deep fryers for Turkey but they do, online and ready to order but also a limited amount so plan ahead

Secret Service Investigating Possible Data Breach At Sears
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9. Sears 

This spot features loads of high-end deep fryers with all the implements but you will need to order what your want on-line

10. Best Buy

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This deep fryer is called the Big Easy and it is waiting for you in Union Gap

11. Royal Prestige De Washington 

Located on Summitview this spot features all things kitchen and currently they have one in stock

12. Khol's 

Two different options for your deep frying turkey needs ranging from $89 up to $160

13. Ideal Lumber & Hardware Inc 

Located out in Toppenish I called to confirm and yes they do currently carry deep fryers built for turkeys

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