Three Things We’re Missing Out On Here In Yakima
I've Been In Yakima for almost two months now, after a trip over the mountain to visit family I realized we're missing out on a few things. Don't get me wrong there are things here in Yakima I wish we had over on the west side but I don't live there anymore...
Three Things You Can Do To Keep Busy This Weekend In Yakima
I know I'm new in town and still getting my footing, but I finally found some fun stuff to do on the weekends! Here are some fun things you can do to get out of the house, lord knows we all need it.
I'm usually a pretty big introvert unless I'm around the right crowd, or I have a few d…
The Most Delectable Hot Dogs And Where To Get Them In Yakima!
Being new to town is an adventure on its own, but I'm quickly finding some extremely friendly people and some of the tastiest foods around the city. Today I decided to go and try a hot dog place everyone's been raving about.
I don't shy away from a good hot dog but being from the west …
Five Mouthwatering Foods To Try At T-Mobile Park!
If you grew up a Mariners fan or not you'll have to admit they have some amazing grub at the ballpark! I know I've spent a few drunken nights there and gorged myself on everything they had, trust me when I say I know the food you gotta try!
T-Mobile Park (Originally Safeco...
A Bar in Yakima Could Make a Lot of Money With This Idea
I was out of town on the east coast for a few days recently. Being a huge foodie I stopped by several new places to experience different things and was presently surprised by this small thing that could make a local bar or restaurant in Yakima a lot of money if they added this to the menu.

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