It's a rhetorical question. Of course you did. But where did it come from?

Growing up in the pacific northwest where we had active volcanoes, including Mt. St. Helens that actually did blow up in 1980, it made sense that I grew up playing the hot lava game. But I've since learned that every child grows up playing it and, what's more, it's a game that nobody teaches them - they learn it on their own.

The game, of course, if you pretend the ground is hot lava so you do everything in your power to no step on it. You get around that by crawling on the couch, throwing a pillow on the ground so you can step on that, jump up on the table, ect. Sometimes you'll grant yourself the power to stand in the lava by awarding yourself magic boots that make it so you can stand in the lava for a few seconds. But that's variable.

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