Kourtney Kardashian and her Blink-182 boyfriend Travis Barker were in the headlines last week when Kardashian was seen sporting a Cannibal Corpse T-shirt. The widely spread photo yielded some backlash, including some from former Cannibal Corpse member Chris Barnes who simply posted a link to the photo with the message "Posers" with a thumbs down emoji. But in a social media post, Fear Factory's Dino Cazares reveals he feels that's the wrong reaction to have.

Cazares tweeted a link to an article about Barnes' reaction, adding his own commentary to the discussion. "He has it all wrong, why wouldn't u want exposure for your music even tho he's not in the band anymore," stated Cazares, adding, "I wish she was wearing one of my bands tees, great exposure."

Continuing the discussion with fans, the musician later added, "How do we truly know she's not a fan? Or maybe she's heard of death metal by now? The whole family has been wearing DM shirts for years now. Yes they have a stylist but that doesn't mean they just can't have it hanging in there closet and just throw it on. Surly [sic] Travis is aware."

He continued, "Females wear clothes if it's fashionable, comfortable or looks great on them. The Kardashians have been wearing more death metal T-shirts than I have ever worn. Someone must be a fan maybe the stylist is a fan either way that's great exposure for the genre … I'll say it again, someone is a fan or at least a fan of the style of DM shirts. Either way it's great exposure. The Kardashians have been wearing more death metal shirts than I ever wore in my 55 years of living on this earth."

Cazares later mentioned how the Kardashians always get recognized by metal media for wear death metal T-shirts, and he pointed out the hypocrisy of the backlash. "Unfortunately there are so many DM elitist that don't want there [sic] favorite music exposed and then get judgmental on a person wearing a death metal tee. I know Metal heads that wear a Taylor swift shirt to get a ride out of people at a metal show," added the bassist. "The point is its hypocritical for a metal head to judge a popular person for wearing a metal shirt when metal heads are the ones being judge by others for the way they look or dress?"

As was previously reported, Kardashian stylist Dani Michelle told Vogue that Kourtney borrowed the shirt from Travis Barker's closet, adding that the Blink-182 drummer had an extensive collection of rock and metal tees.

“Kourt has told me before that his closet is an archive itself," Michelle said. "She can pick any T-shirt to wear and it’s the softest, coolest thing ever. Sometimes she just wants to raid it.”

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