Fear Factory’s new singer will be revealed by early 2022, according to a new interview with guitarist Dino Cazares.

Following the departure of longtime vocal Burton C. Bell, who officially left in 2020 after a falling out with Cazares, Fear Factor released their 10th studio album, Aggression Continuum, to positive reviews. The record features Bell on vocals, likely for the final time in Fear Factory’s career.

In a new interview with This Day in Metal (as seen below), Cazares spoke a little more about the mystery singer he’s recruited, sharing that he’ll be introduced to fans via a new song which will be released before Fear Factory’s tour with Static-X begins in February 2022.

“We plan on showcasing him with a new song,” Cazares says. “I really want people to hear it and judge it by when they hear it. Because if I announce who it is right now, then it's gonna be, like, everybody is gonna give their opinion before they even hear anything. So I'd rather people give their opinion when they hear it than before they hear it."

Cazares also says the new vocalist will utilize a similar singing style to that of Burton C. Bell.

Fear Factory's Dino Cazares Interview With This Day In Metal

In an interview earlier this year, Cazares revealed that he mystery singer is “kind of known” rather than being completely unknown to the metal world. He also auditioned female singers to potentially take Bell’s place, but Cazares ended up hiring a male.

“Male, female, whatever, known, unknown — I was open to all of that," said Cazares. "And it turned out to be somebody who is kind of known, I guess. Kind of known. He does have experience."

Fear Factory’s tour with Static-X is scheduled to begin February 21 in Portland, Ore. For the full list of dates, click here.

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