Okay parents, as a father of five I can completely understand some cabin fever.

For some, this winter was very hard and I would say most families would say the kids are itching for spring break. My kids are so grumpy that chores are chores for me to get them to do. Basic house rules like, say picking up a plate after you use it, or closing the bathroom door when pooping.

Never fear though, I discovered a cure right here and available for you this weekend: dirt.

For kids, playing in the dirt is a part of life. Why do you think they smile all the time during the summer?

Dozer Day is kinda like going to a dirt fair, where the rides are real-life bulldozers.

What is better than dirt to a kid? Getting to drive! What's better than driving alone? Driving a DOZER! This weekend, kids get to hop in the driver's seat and actually drive dozers, excavators and other heavy equipment with a professional operator at their side.

Dozer Day will be held Saturday, March 18th and Sunday, March 19th, from 11am to 4 pm at State Fair Park. Purchase tickets early to save money and avoid ticket lines on the day of the event.

Admission is $8 for children (ages 2 - 12) and seniors (60+), $10 for adults and free for those under 2 years old. Tickets on the day of the event are $11 for kids and seniors and $13 for adults. Once admission is paid, the cost of most activities inside the event are free, including equipment rides.

Go out and have some family fun! Our very own Kelly West will be there Saturday!

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