I never even knew this was a topic of conversation. Do you butter your Pop-Tarts? Apparently, there are many people who do. I'm not knocking it as I've never tried it but honestly never really thought about it. Those who do, though, swear by it. To help everyone in this debate Pop-Tarts are teaming up with Banner Butter for a collaboration of epic proportions.

Simply titled Pop-Tarts x Butter Kits these boxes will include three popular Pop-Tart flavors, frosted strawberry, frosted brown sugar cinnamon and frosted chocolate fudge. Then, from the Banner Butter side, include six of their slow-churned flavors including sea salt, strawberry, chocolate, cinnamon cardamom & ginger, balsamic fig & caramelized onion and they're introducing a honey habanero that they're making just for this collaboration.

Should be interesting to try. Chocolate butter on the strawberry Pop-Tart for a chocolate-covered strawberry flavor. Or maybe the honey habaenro to go along with the chocolate fudge for a flavor explosion. Should be fun!

These kits are only available exclusively through bannerbutter.com/poptarts for $25 starting on November 16, 2021.

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