Fleas are the worst! If you haven't dealt with them, good on ya and if it's been a while you can recall the feverish googling, calling vets and heading to the store for the latest shampoos and potions to get rid of them.

Hearing about a flea collar seems like a perfect solution and you would hope that anything that is on the market would be safe but sadly that is just not the case.

According the EarthWise Pet Yakima Facebook page there is a flea collar that is killing animals and injuring humans. I double checked and it's a trending story as of yesterday so this is brand new information.

The Seresto Flea and Tick Collar is linked with 1,700 animal deaths, according to a USA Today investigation.

This is a total bummer because it wasn't like people haven't been reporting issues. The EPA does have a archive document from 2016 mention weighing risks with this specific collar and allergic reactions about it but I don't know what the number of pets need to perish for something like this to be taken seriously. Apparently there were over 75,000 incidents over a span of seven years. That's over 9,000 issues a year and this is just now coming to light.

It seems the allergic reactions are happening to the pets and other times it's their owners who have the issue ranging from irritation to seizers and even death.

Maybe you haven't had an issue or haven't purchased one but it's something to for sure be aware of and I love that our local pet stores are available any time to answer questions and offer up healthy options for our furry family members.

The EPA has yet to comment on the collar however it seems as most things trend these days a response will be arriving soon. Until then I have a question for you

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